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Duct Hardware & Accessories

Please refer to our comprehensive Duct Hardware & Accessories product brochure for detailed information and technical specifications, download here.

Cable Ties & Accessories

50 ties per packet

Code Description Unit
CT810 Cable Ties 9mm x 810mm (Clear) 50 per Pack
CT1220 Cable Ties 9mm x 1220mm (Clear) 50 per Pack
CT1535 Cable Ties 9mm x 1535mm (Clear) 50 per Pack
CTT Cable Tie Tensioning Tool Each

Damper Regulator Sets

Hammer on style

Hammer on style damper kits. Available with and without Nylon retaining bearing. Sold in cartons of 100 sets. Individual components also available please contact us for further details.

Code Description Unit
DRS+B Damper Regulator Set (with Nylon "Top Hat" bearing) 100 per Carton
DRS Damper Reg Set (no nylon bearing) 100 per Carton

Duct Hangers

Designed to fit 10mm rod

We provide a selection of duct hangers suited to different applications. All hangers are designed to fit 10mm rod, the Z Bracket can also accommodate 12mm rod.

Code Description Unit
ZB "Z" Bracket Universal Duct Hanger, 10mm or 12mm rod, pre-punched rivet holes Not applicable
VB "V" Bracket Duct Hanger, 100 per carton Not applicable
CC Corner clamp, 100 per carton Not applicable
PH10 Purlin Hanger, 200 per carton Not applicable

Duct Sealants

Various sealant products

Code Description Unit
SWBC Foster 32-19 Fire Rated Water Based Sealant 420g Tube
SWBT Foster 32-19 Fire Rated Water Based Sealant 4L Tube

Register Springs

Other sizes available on request

We carry three stock sizes of Register Springs. Other sizes available on request.

Code Description Unit
RSL Register Springs - Light Duty Each
RSM Register Springs - Medium Duty Each
RS40 Register Springs - Light Duty (40mm Long) Each

Sash Fasteners - Cast

Available in chrome finish

Die Cast and plated these sash fasteners come in a chrome finish. They feature a spring loaded locking mechanism to prevent accidental release.

Code Description Unit
SFC Sash Fastener - Chrome Each

Sash Fasteners - Steel

Zinc plated

Our steel sash fasteners are pressed from prime steel and then zinc plated.

Code Description Unit
SFZ Sash Fastener - Zinc Plated Each

Splitter Damper Sets

Our splitter damper sets are supplied with a 600mm long steel rod with retaining nut and two saddles.

Code Description Unit
SDS Splitter Damper Set 600mm Long Each


Large range

Code Description Unit
QS10 Steel Zinc Plated 10mm Each
QS12 Steel Zinc Plated 12mm Each
QSNB Nylon Shaft Locating Bush for QS10 Each
QSZE Die Cast Zinc Quadrant sets including two blade bearings Each
QSQ Quadrant section only Each
QSC Spring Clip, retaining washer Each
BBM Male Blade Bearings Each
BBF Female Blade Bearings Each
QS10L Quadrant Shaft 10mm long Each
QS10S Quadrant Shaft 10mm short Each
QS12C Quadrant ZP Steel c/w shafts Each
QS12L Quadrant Shaft 12mm long Each

Vane Runner

30.5 metre roll

Code Description Unit
VR1 Vane runner 30.5m roll

Assorted Tapes

Foil, foam & duct tape

Code Description Unit
RFT48 / RFT72 Reinforced Foil Tape. 48mm, 72mm and 96mm widths Roll & Carton
FT18 Foam tape Roll & Carton
GDT48 Duct tape Roll & Carton

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