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Smoothflo manufactures the Dura-Flex range of Flexible Duct Connector that provide an economical, air tight, high strength and extremely durable vibration and noise isolator joint in the ducting system, as well as allowing expansion and contraction of the ductwork run. The Dura-Flex range is available in a combination of two fabric types, three metal widths and two edge configurations.
All of our flexible connection is supplied in rolls of 30.5m.

Vinyl Flex Connector

General Purpose

Code Description Unit

Metal 53mm - Fabric 100mm - Metal 53mm

FDCEVS Econoflex Smooth Edge Roll
FDCEVN Econoflex Notched Edge Roll

Metal 78mm - Fabric 100mm - Metal 78mm

FDCMVS Metalflex Smooth Edge Roll
FDCMVN Metalflex Notched Edge Roll

Metal 98mm - Fabric 100mm - Metal 98mm

FDCWVS Wideflex Smooth Edge Roll
FDCWVN Wideflex Notched Edge Roll

Metal 98mm - Fabric 120mm - Metal 98mm

FDCEWVS Wideflex Extra Smooth Edge Roll

Silicone Super Heavy Duty

External & High Temperature Applications

Code Description Unit
FDCWSS Wideflex Smooth Edge
(fabric only)

Flex Connector - Fabric Only*

Reinforced Woven Polyester

Reinforced woven polyester based fabric coated with UV stabilised and flame retardant PVC coating. Other widths available on request, minimum order quantities apply. Sold per metre with a nominal roll length of 25m.

Code Description Unit
FABV130 Reinforced Vinyl Fabric 130mm Wide Roll
FABV150 Reinforced Vinyl Fabric 150mm Wide Roll

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