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Metal Stamping & Blanking

Utilising the latest technology, we specialise in precision metal pressing and blanking. We are equipped with two brand new stamping presses of 80 ton & 45 ton capacities. These presses are both fitted with coil straighteners as well as servo feeders accurate to within 0.1mm.

We can offer a precision blanking/shearing service capable of processing coil into almost any length with an excellent cut quality ensuring a perfectly flat, accurate, low burr result. The blanks can then be packed in a number of ways to suit your specific requirements.

For contract metal pressing our service and quality are second to none. Our presses also have the capacity to be fitted with a variety of sensors to protect your tooling and identify any issues before they become problematic.metal stamping examplemetal stamping example

Additionally, we can drive your new project from concept to production, working with you along the way to fulfil any special requirements you may have. We have a qualified toolmaker/metal stamping expert onsite, please click the contact button should you have any queries.

Please refer to our comprehensive Metal Stamping product brochure for detailed information and technical specifications, available from the Downloads section.

metal stamping examplemetal stamping example

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